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Rules for sellers

  1. Mega Flea Market reserves the right to deny admission to any seller.
  2. Mega Flea Market reserves the right to inspect all merchandise. Sale of any item prohibited by any city, county, state or federal law is prohibited. All items sold by the seller must be owned by the seller. Games of chance, skill and raffles are prohibited.
  3. The following are banned from Mega Flea Market grounds: fireworks, knives, guns, ammunition, drug related products, used mattresses and bedding or otherwise flammable or dangerous objects are allowed at Mega Flea Market. Mega Flea Market reserves the right to determine if any items are considered dangerous.
  4. The sale of counterfeit merchandise, or merchandise which violates trademarks and copyrights of others is prohibited. Seller is responsible for verifying that all items for sale are not counterfeit.
  5. Seller must remain in designated booth space while working. No seller can make a sale from outside of their designated area. All merchandise must be inside the seller’s space, not disrupting the flow of traffic.
  6. Nothing may be driven into the ground. All stands and displays must be approved by management prior to construction. No display can exceed 48 inches from the ground.
  7. Sellers are to park in designated parking space. Seller must keep the area around their space clean. Sellers must take any unsold merchandise, boxes and trash with them. Violators will be charged $50.00 for excessive clean up expense.
  8. Mega Flea Market will not accept or cash checks.
  9. No food Sales of any kind is permitted at Mega Flea Market. The sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco items is prohibited.
  10. No flyers or handbills may be distributed without prior approval by Mega Flea Market management. No loud speakers, megaphones, or unnecessary shouting is allowed. Sound on all radios, TVs, and stereos etc. must be kept to a level that is non-disruptive to neighbors.
  11. Sellers should behave in an acceptable and orderly manner at all times. Mega Flea Market reserves the right to determine if behavior is disorderly or unacceptable. Every item on display must be suitable for all ages.

Seller agrees to indemnify Mega Flea Market, Village of Bridgeview and Toyota Park against and to hold Mega Flea Market, Village of Bridgeview and Toyota Park harmless from any and all claims (including cost of defensein any claim) resulting from seller’s activities on the Mega Flea Market premises. Seller shall adequately supervise and control the activities of all their employees, agents or helpers and will be responsible for the activities of those activities.

Rules For Sellers
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Counterfeit Warning
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